Agile Software Solutions for Federal Government

STI provides you with state-of-the-art, flexible solutions that are easy to use, interoperable with multiple systems and scalable for your needs. We make it easy to standardize processes and procedures enterprise-wide.

Our software development team implements a highly structured Agile process with certified Scrum Masters and combines it with Microsoft Azure DevOps and state-of-the-art QA Automation to ensure the highest quality software product delivered on time and on budget.

Our Customer is coupled into the development process from our Joint Application Design Requirements phase through Wireframe User Experience (UX) modeling through all phases of testing.

All of our software applications are cloud-based, requiring nothing more than a web browser client for operation, ensuring scalability and providing an environment that supports rapid application upgrade and deployment.

And of increasing importance to all customers, our software products are pre-designed and constructed with U.S Department of Defense-grade security*.

*Fully compliant with DoD Application Security and Development (ASD) STIG

Technical Capabilities

STI has been in the HIM industry for 25 years which has provided a solid foundation in understanding the ever-changing needs of the HIM customer. Looking forward, STI has already begun to prepare for the future of HIM roles within the healthcare facility through the ongoing training and development of staffing resources using a multi-disciplined approach.

Process Automation and Workflow Solutions

Large organizations often lack adequate process controls.  In the Federal Government, process flow charts for a single activity may span over a hundred pages.  But even for processes spanning a few typewritten pages, but with high transaction volume, it is extremely difficult to monitor and manage these processes without some level of Process or Workflow Automation.

Workflow Automation provides transparency to processes,

Workflow Automation is the automated routing and tracking of work in a multi-step process.  Some of the steps may be performed by people and some may be performed by machines.
Process Automation (or Robotic Process Automation, or RPA) refers to automating the actual work steps within a Workflow.

STI specializes in analyzing business processes and optimizing them and rendering them as Automated Workflows (AW).  We work with Customers to help them to realize process efficiencies through AW via process streamlining, implementing process parallelism and providing shared workspaces.
STI uses an internally designed and built Workflow Engine to implement Customer Workflows, which allows for rapid prototyping of the data structure, the User Experience and the Workflow Process Map.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Let STI help your data work for you. Data Analytics is all about taking large amounts of raw data and using it to describe real-world conditions, predict future conditions and determine cause-and-effect relationships. This data may come from multiple sources.

The STI Data Warehousing and Analytics team has expertise in the range of data integration, modeling, data query, algorithmic analysis and data presentation disciplines that are vital in making your data come to life.

Our team brings together skills in diverse areas such as Kimball Process, SQL, ETL, R, Python, PowerBI and Machine Learning to optimize data transformation, integration, analysis and presentation.

And as with Software Application Development, Data Analytics is delivered using a structured Agile methodology.

DoD Information Assurance Support


Unlike DIACAP, the previous DoD IA Certification and Accreditation Process, RMF is a continuous monitoring process and is fully auditable. Automated vulnerability scans are conducted on a monthly basis, and audits may be conducted by the Government at any time. Just obtaining an Authority to Operate (ATO) isn’t the end state! Let STI help you both obtain and keep your ATO.