STI understands that the HIM field is ever-changing and requires vast resources to ensure consistent and sustainable accuracy. To meet this demand, we offer staff the following resources:

  1. Current year coding books to include ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT, and HCPCS
  2. Coder’s Desk Reference (for procedures and diagnosis)
  3. Specialty specific books and resources are offered as needed, on a case-by-case basis
  4. Subscription to EncoderPro which includes coding references such as CPT Assistant and AMA Coding Clinic
  5. Subscription to Just Coding which includes a professional coding hotline, coding articles and assessments, a disease encyclopedia, anatomy and physiology webinars, and more (we may have to remove or revise this one if STI chooses not to offer a Platinum level ‘Just Coding’ subscription)

These tools are vital for the employee’s efficiency, accuracy, and confidence level when performing medical coding, auditing, and educational services to the customer. All resources are regularly updated with industry changes and revisions allowing HIM staff to consistently ensure a quality product to the customer.

STI has created and developed proprietary HIM tools that enable our management to accurately and consistently manage productivity.


GlobalCode is a system STI specifically designed for the DoD environment. GlobalCode is a one of kind coding and auditing tool that provides functionality and capabilities not found in comparable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. The system handles the workflow routing, coding, and management and reporting of all internal or external audits we conduct. To facilitate remote coding and auditing at military treatment facilities (MTFs), STI created a unique web-based workflow management and tracking system.
GlobalCode has been in production use for 17 years and has been implemented across all 27 Navy MTFs worldwide and has also been in use with the Departments of the Air Force and Army since 2003. STI leverages GlobalCode to track documentation deficiencies, to monitor workload timeliness, as well as identifying trends with documentation deficiencies and RVU/RWP changes. This one-of-a-kind tool allows STI to deliver a wealth of information to improve provider/coder performance, overall patient care, and to increase facility reimbursements.


Tracktivity is STI’s internal production reporting system used to monitor several areas:

  • Coding Production by coder and encounter type
  • Auditing results by provider along with accuracy and training feedback
  • Internal Quality Assurance audits by employee w/accuracy and training feedback
  • System downtime by system and with associated trouble ticket
  • Meetings and Training summaries by employee and facility

Reports are compiled daily and reviewed to identify production and training trends leading to improved data quality and delivery of services.

CDI Database

STI is the trusted provider in DoD and VA because we have experience in federal health, technology and tools that fit the customer’s needs, are responsive to every challenge, and have a culture our customers can rely on.