STI provides a dedicated Program Manager (PM) for every facility to support our staff, to ensure compliance and to guarantee all deliverables are met. We offer a consultative approach for every customer whether we’re supporting a small satellite clinic or a regional medical center.

Our PMs are directly supported by a Quality Control Managers (QCMs) who is experienced, credentialed, and qualified in each area of client support. For example, our dedicated QCM for medical coding/auditing/provider education/CDI services is experienced and credentialed in every area needed to assist staff with not only coding questions, educational presentations, and communication with all levels of medical staff and facility managers, but also with the computer systems used in the employee’s daily tasks and facility processes and procedures. The dedicated QCM also performs ongoing QA audits to identify staff training needs and ensures that all staff are cross trained and credentialed in every area needed. This allows STI to implement a robust employee training plan that ensures all client needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, STI staff are consistently both accurate and productive with minimal impact to the facility and the daily workload production.

Dedicated PMs and QCMs offer the employee a consistent daily resource for questions and concerns as well as initial and ongoing training. The QCM is responsible for cross training the staff to different encounter types, facility settings, and provider type and specialty to ensure the staff is comfortable performing and excelling in all areas. This ongoing education and training will afford the employees increased industry marketability with opportunity for advancement.

Our PMs and QCMs give each STI employee a single point of contact to provide professional direction and personal support on a daily basis. We believe in supporting our staff and consider each of them to be a member of the STI Family.

Productivity/Timeliness/Accuracy Compliance

STI establishes productivity requirements for each type of encounter at the outset of the contract and then monitors output daily to meet customer-required turnaround time at a minimum accuracy of 97%. These productivity requirements meet, or exceeds, industry norms and are monitored daily. These are examples of STI’s minimum productivity requirements across current coding contracts:

Department of Defense
Encounter Type Productivity
Outpatient Physician Services 13 encounters/hr.
Emergency Room/Urgent Care 10 encounters/hr.
Ambulatory Procedure/Surgery 4 encounters/hr.
Inpatient Professional Services 10
Inpatient Facility Services 3 records/hr.

Veterans Affairs Productivity Standards
Encounter Type Productivity
Outpatient Physician Services 10 encounters/hr.
Emergency Room/Urgent Care 8 encounters/hr.
Ambulatory Procedure/Surgery 3 encounters/hr.
Professional Fee Services 8
Inpatient Facility Services 2 records/hr.

We support internal promotions wherever possible and appropriate. We cross-train staff to provide job satisfaction for the employees, offering them an opportunity to increase their skills while providing additional depth to our customer.

Diversity of Experience

STI’s goal is to provide ongoing, relevant staffing resources to the ever-changing and evolving HIM community. We do this by ensuring our HIM staff is cross-trained, experienced, and credentialed in multiple encounter types, facility settings, and provider type or specialty. STI’s current and future clients have and will benefit from this in the following ways:

  1. Immediate and seamless workload coverage for employee leave or turnover
  2. Immediate workload coverage for surges in specific settings such as excessive IP admissions, large scale trauma, natural disaster, epidemics/pandemics, or seasonal illnesses
  3. Qualified staff to perform regular peer reviews in all hospital and clinical settings
  4. Adaptability of staff to meet the changing needs of each facility

Whether the customer is a large IP medical center, a residency program, an OP surgery center, an emergency department or urgent care clinic, or a multi-specialty physician clinic, STI staff are experienced, credentialed, and qualified to meet the demand with professionalism, quality, efficiency, and confidence.
Benefits to the Employee:

STI’s client needs are diverse which means we need HIM staff who are adaptable to personal and professional growth as well as the ever-changing needs of the HIM industry. By offering our employees the opportunity for cross-training, continuing education and expanded credentialing we can not only meet client demands, but we can also afford our employees many added benefits such as professional marketability, advancement opportunity, and the ability to become a strong asset to the HIM community in diverse settings.